Courier Service


Flexible, Safe, and Cost-Effective for your company!

Improve your company’s productivity and ensure your employee safety by eliminating trips to the bank and time out of the office. Our courier service is designed with convenience and safety in mind; we will work with you to set regular pick-up times to minimize the risk associated with having you or your employees personally deliver deposits to the bank.

No more driving around with cash deposits!
We will bring the bank to you.

Our couriers are insured employees of Grand River Bank and are ready to save you time and money.

  • Convenient on-site deposit pick up
  • Secure transportation of deposit to bank
  • Delivery of petty cash and change orders
  • Reduces risk for your business and employees
  • Customized scheduling
  • Minimal monthly cost

Get Started

To sign your business up for our Courier Service or for more information, please contact Karen Humke, Courier Coordinator at 616.259.1334 or